Ibiza Crypto Lux is a leading vacation agency that makes the ordinary extraordinary. With hard work and passion for our visitors, we elevate the ordinary to the unforgettable by creating unforgettable live events.

Ibiza Crypto Lux specializes in planning and hosting amazing events; it’s an experience you don’t want to miss. We offer multinational teams from various industries, including cuisines, music, entertainment, event management strategies, and more.

At our agency, we are proud to say that our ability to host events has exceeded our clients’ and visitors’ expectations.

Whether you are hosting an engagement party, wedding, or business meeting or just looking for a calm and charming romantic evening, you can manage that for yourself.

Host an event with us and make remarkable, unforgettable, and stunning memories with the Ibiza Crypto Lux events team.

Benefit from our wide range of planning services and materials that will definitely make your event an amazing one.

We only hire professional staff and crews at Ibiza, which includes private chauffeurs, rental cars, catering teams, and five-star chefs.

If you want to host an event with us or for more information, please be our guest and contact us as soon as possible.


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