Legal Notice

Basic Information:

Detailed Information:

Ibiza Crypto Lux, belonging to Next Collection SL, is located at AV, 8 de Agosto n.29 CP 07800, IBIZA (Balears (Illes)). Purpose of collecting data: The usage of your data is for the purpose of fulfilling your requests and providing our services.

Ads: We will only send advertisements with your permission, which can be granted via the specified box designated for that purpose.

Legal Principle: We will only process your data with your permission, which you can provide through the specified box designed for this purpose.

Rights: You have the right to know what data we have about you, modify it, and delete it, as stated in the supplementary information available on our website.

Recipients: Generally, only authorized personnel within our organization has access to the requested information.

Data Protection Policy:

The Directorate / Governing Body of Ibiza Crypto Lux (hereinafter, the person responsible for the processing) assumes the utmost responsibility and commitment to the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of this Data Protection Policy, guaranteeing the continuous improvement of the person responsible for the processing with the aim of achieving excellence in relation to compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (Organic Law, specific sector legislation and its development standards).

Ibiza Crypto Lux’s Data Protection Policy is founded on the principle of proactive responsibility, according to which the data controller is responsible for compliance with the regulatory and jurisprudential framework that governs said Policy and is able to demonstrate such compliance to the competent control authorities.

In this regard, the person in charge of processing shall be regulated by the following principles, which should serve as a guide and framework for his whole team in the processing of personal data:

Protection of data from the outset: the person responsible for the treatment will apply, both at the time of determining the means of treatment and at the time of the treatment itself, appropriate technical and organisational measures, such as pseudonymization, designed to effectively apply the principles of data protection, such as data minimization, and integrating the necessary safeguards into the treatment.

Protection of personal data by default: the data controller will implement the relevant technological and organisational means to ensure that, by default, only the personal data required for each of the particular purposes of the treatment are processed.

Data protection throughout the life cycle of information: the measures that ensure the protection of personal data will be applied for the duration of the information’s life cycle. Legality, loyalty, and openness: personal data will be handled lawfully, faithfully, and openly in regard to the interested party.

Limitation of purpose: personal data will be gathered only for specified, explicit, and lawful reasons, and shall not be used in a way that is incompatible with those purposes. Data minimization: personal data will be sufficient, relevant, and restricted to just what is required for the purposes for which they are processed.

Accuracy: personal data will be correct and, if required, updated; All reasonable means will be made to delete or rectify without delay any personal data that are inaccurate in relation to the purposes for which they are processed.

Limitation of the period of storage: The personal data will be kept in a manner that permits identification of the interested parties for no longer than is required for the purposes of the processing.

Integrity and confidentiality: personal data will be handled so as to ensure adequate security of personal data, including protection against unauthorised or illegal treatment as well as loss, destruction, or accidental damage, through the application of appropriate technical or organisational measures.

Information and training: one of the keys to ensuring the safety of personal data is providing training and information to individuals engaged in their processing. Throughout the information life cycle, all staff with access to the data will be easily taught and informed on their duties with regard to data protection rules compliance.

Everyone responsible for the treatment of data within Ibiza Crypto Lux is aware of the Data Protection Policy and it is accessible to any person who shows interest. All personnel associated with the treatment of data must understand and take responsibility for following the data protection regulations that are pertinent to their operation. The Directorate/Governing Body of Ibiza Crypto Lux will scrutinize the Policy repeatedly and make the necessary amendments, to ensure that it is in accordance with the present regulations.

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