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We invite you to discover one of the most famous sea places on the islands through our luxurious yacht services. Ibiza Crypto Lux agency has a full set of boats and yachts, that includes all sizes and types. Our services include the best sailing cruises, sea guiding, and visiting the island’s most admirable beaches and water spots.

Our visitors will have full control over their Ibiza Sea cruises, which include destination, timing, and yacht type. Our yacht services give you the chance to discover Ibiza from the sea, ride the waves, and become a sailor.

Select one of Ibiza Crypto Lux Sea Cruise services and let the sea take you away. Enjoy our special Ibiza sea cruise offers in a one-of-a-kind setting that guarantees the best leisure and luxury water experience.

Based on your preferences, our tour guide and crew will take you to the best views and sea sights, not only on the island but also on one of the world’s top sea experiences.

Solo travelers, also have the option to rent small boats. You will be able to sail into the open sea off the coast of Ibiza. Visit the island beaches or even enjoy a peaceful night under the stars.

For a leisurely private large boat or yacht,

Ibiza Crypto Lux offers you a wide range of boat types and crews. Make a quote, and we will take it from there. On top of that, you will be accommodated by a professional team and crew. Swimming, water diving, and cuisine are all part of the experience.

In terms of change, enjoy the beauty of Ibiza during your cruises and sea adventures and discover the island from the sea.

For more information about our Ibiza yacht services, please contact us without hesitation.


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